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Nestled against the majestic Rocky Mountains with a back drop of hilly grass lands, Boulder is home to a wide variety of people living side by side in harmony. The uniqueness and popularity of Boulder County encourages the idea of individuality and yet fosters an attitude of community togetherness. How can such vast differences of opinion, beliefs, and life styles retain their integrity, yet blend into one amicable voice? The answer is simple…the people who have stayed have answered the call of the mountains.

The Front Range was first settled by the Utes and Arapahoes, scratching out a peaceful existence in accordance with the world around them. Then came the fortune seekers wading through crystal streams and dendritic meadows in search of the proverbial “end of the rainbow”. Farmers settled on the plains and along the fertile St. Vrain Valley near Longmont, eager to secure a few acres they could call home. Enterprising business men perceived a lucrative flurry of activity, thus, the modest beginnings of settlement along the foothills developed naturally from the abundance of the region, supporting the different lifestyles necessary for the area’s growth.

As time marched along, writers and artists wandered in and proclaimed the joys of mountain living. Industrialists provided a means for the continuation of progress. Passers-by stood in awe of the surrounding country side, reluctant to look away, yet anxious to see what wonders were hidden behind the next ridge. Soon businesses were established and isolated groups formed city boundaries and began electing officials charged with the preservation of the town’s interest. A university was built and ecologists concerned with the protection of nature dwelt among miners concerned with the standard of living. Students prepared for their future stood side by side with backwoodsmen who rested easy after providing for the day, leaving tomorrow for tomorrow’s sake. Scientists and technicians, pushing the limits of imagination and research, discussed the issues of the day with musicians and actors who were nudging the edges of creativity.

The beauty of the Rockies is immediate and overpowering. Whether gazing at the splendor of the snow capped Continental Divide, or admiring the tranquil, shadowed farmlands of the plains, the unmistakable whisper of nature continually beckons- “Come. Relax. Enjoy.” And no where else along the Front Range has this call been more cherished than Boulder County.

Today the vast forests of the mountains and golden meadows of the foothills have met with an inviting, bustling and alluring array of vibrant communities. Here there is a peaceful and respected alliance between nature and people that offers the best of both worlds. And in the tradition of gracious enthusiasm that welcomed the first settlers, we at REMAX OF BOULDER would appreciate the opportunity to extend our hand in warm friendship and invite you to “Come. Relax. Stay.”
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